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pogo2posterFINAL2The Last Pogo Jumps Again studies the evolution of Toronto from small town to big city and it’s pop/counter-culture lifestyle during the early and mid-70s.  It centers around the first wave of Toronto punk rock and new-wave music, from the Ramones playing the New Yorker Theatre in ’76 through the police shutting down Teenage Head and causing a riot at the Horseshoe Tavern’s infamous “The Last Pogo” concert in December 1978.

London had the Sex Pistols, New York had the Ramones, but Toronto had a punk movement all it’s own.  The Toronto landscape by the late ’70s was forever changed with the infusion of the DIY/Punk/Alternative Culture(s) movement.  Six years in the making, The Last Pogo Jumps Again successfully explores the whys and wherefores of what was arguably one of the most exciting but misunderstood movements in Toronto’s history.

The DVD contains the 204 minute documentary, plus over a 100 minutes of added material, and a snazzy 24-page booklet.  Check the Shop for details on where you can purchase it.

The Last Pogo (1978) is the documentary that chronicled the last punk rock show at the Horseshoe Tavern when it was run by legendary Toronto promoters The Garys (Topp and Cormier) featuring The Scenics, Cardboard Brains, The Secrets, The Mods, The Ugly, The Viletones and Teenage Head. The Last Pogo was released on DVD in 2008 to great reviews.  Available at the Shop.

Where art thou, Mr. Shit?

Cleave Anderson;  photo courtesy Paul B. Toman

Cleave Anderson; photo courtesy Paul B. Toman

Secret cult organization The Illuminati have invaded Toronto, spreading “culture” and dreaded “art” all over the joint. Or at least we presume it’s the Illuminati, otherwise why would they have called their event Luminato?   In any case, they put on, from all accounts, a fairly decent show of Queen Street West stuff at OCAD, formerly OCA, a.k.a. Ontario College Of Art. Peter Vronski’s Dada’s Boys was screened, featuring one Cheetah Chrome playing with the Viletones. One of the surviving Demics got up on stage with Mary-Margaret O’Hara to sing a round of the Demics’ ole chestnut, “New York City”, with drumming supplied by none other than Cleave Anderson. Among other things, Cleave plays punk classics with The Screwed and dons a black wig for his gig as one of The Raclones; one of the newer things he’s playing with is a Chuck Berry tribute band, Monkey Business…

Which is a real roundabout way of segueing into the news item of the week: we visited Cleave out in the West End for a second interview. Cleave gave us a walking tour of Queen West last year — from the x that marks the spots where The Beverly Tavern and Crash ‘n Burn were, over past the Black Bull, across the street from Peter Pan and ending up at the Horseshoe Tavern, now half the bar it used to be back in the day — but with some sound issues for some of it (namely a jack-hammer as we sat down on the Horseshoe porch to chat) we popped by his house for a little Q & A. He reminded us that in the line to see The Ramones’ way back in 1976 was O’Hara’s Mary Margaret and big sis Catherine, and right in front of Cleave was the one, the only, Mr. Shit, one of the few people we have not been able to track down for the new movie. Where art thou, Mr. Shit?! Before we left Cleave gave us a rough mix of a song he wrote and recorded called…The Last Pogo. VERY cool!

A couple of things in the press coming out this week about The Last Pogo playing at NXNE, and we’re still trying to figure out how many free passes we can hand out, so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.

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